At Kelmy we are aware of the importance of the cultural diversity present in today's society, as it broadens and enriches each citizen by putting them in contact with other human experiences and customs.

One of the social aspects of great importance for a large part of the population is their religious beliefs, and for this reason, we want to be collaborative with them and offer members of religious communities food that is respectful of their practices, and we want consumers of our products have the absolute certainty that we comply with them; We guarantee this circumstance with official certifications granted by the corresponding religious authorities.

Kelmy has requested from those responsible for the main religious communities, documents that certify that our products comply with their practices, rites and prescriptions.

Halal Certificate

The Halal Institute, a department of the Islamic Board of Spain, a religious entity registered with the Ministry of Justice under number 8123-SE/A, has certified that Kelmy complies with the Regulations for Use and Specifications of the Halal Guarantee Mark of the Islamic Board, through an on-site audit process and sample analysis, for the manufacture, packaging and marketing of auxiliary products and accessories for the candy industry.

Kosher Certificate

The Chief Rabbinate of Madrid has certified that the following Kelmy products do not have any Kashrut problems:

  • "Clarakel" Fast Albumin.
  • Anti-humidity sugar.
  • Sugar glass.
  • Fondant (various colors).
  • Frosting (various flavors).
  • Real Voices.
  • Kelmycrem.
  • Marzipan Cakes.
  • gum paste
  • Candied yolks.
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