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In Jijona, the cradle of the nougat and ice cream tradition par excellence in Spain and with significant ascendancy throughout the world, Antonio Miquel Sirvent founded the company Kelmy in 1953, dedicated to produce and supply top quality products and raw materials for the pastry, confectioners and ice cream industry.

From its beginnings until today, Kelmy has been characterized by the quality of its natural raw materials, which constitutes a differential value for this company and has earned it the recognition of its customers. Pastry chefs, confectioners and ice cream makers, both artisans and industrialists, from Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom and France are committed to the excellence of Kelmy products.

With more than half a century of experience and an eminently family character, Kelmy integrates respect for traditional recipes with technological advances into its production system. The most modern and complete machinery is put at the service of centuries-old formulas, passed down from generation to generation for years.

more than half a century

Kelmy maintains a close relationship with its customers and suppliers, taking into account the observations they make about its products, which implies a continuous commitment to work and permanent innovation.

Any doubt, suggestion or information is carefully attended to maintain the high levels of quality in the products. This is one of Kelmy's main requirements, as well as facilitating the work of ice cream and cake makers and all those industries dedicated to sweets as much as possible.

Professionalism, technology, continuous and demanding quality controls, respect for traditional formulas, use of natural products in the preparation and personalized attention are the premises of Kelmy to satisfy the needs of its consumers.

Human Team and Facilities
Training and innovation

Continuous training is one of the main pillars for Kelmy's human resources, participating in specialized courses and sector conferences that allow them to adapt to the continuous changes and innovations that occur in a sector as dynamic and creative as the confectionery industry.

Throughout the year, Kelmy experts carry out research and development to get the best products. All our employees in the production department, qualified professionals, participate directly in all the manufacturing processes, contributing their extensive experience and knowledge of the sector.

Our facilities

Located in a natural environment, the Kelmy facilities are characterized by the modernity of their production systems and the most advanced techniques in the manufacturing and storage process.

Kelmy's continuous investments in manufacturing, packaging and storage machinery allow them to take advantage of the latest technological improvements while preserving the quality, hygiene and conservation of both raw materials and final products.

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